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Most of the SonRise horses have been donated or leased to our program by generous individuals. However, not every horse can be a therapy horse. SonRise considers the following criteria when evaluating horses:

  • Geldings preferred

  • Age 10-14 preferred

  • Sound for riding at the walk, trot, and lope

  • Mellow, compliant & forgiving temperament; keeps calm under stress

  • Previous experience with kids a plus

Candidates undergo extensive evaluation prior to becoming a therapy horse in order to determine their basic temperament, level of training, willingness to work with children, and acceptance of unusual stimuli. Our equine partners play an essential role in the success of the program, and making sure that they receive the best quality care is of the highest importance to us. All SonRise horses receive routine vet, farrier, dental, and chiropractic care.


Please call the office at (925) 838-7433
to tell us more about your horse.


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